How To Plan a Thru-Hike – PCT Logistics, Tips and Tricks

How does via-mountaineering even work? How do I plan? and how do I hold myself alive on the market? I’m sitting down to speak all issues via-mountaineering and significantly the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Answering questions you requested about gear, planning, worldwide hikers and good previous logistics with the intention to begin planning your subsequent journey!

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More information:
– For Permits
– For Planning and locations to publish
– FarOut App

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In this Video
0:00 – Intro
01:24 – B2 Holiday Visa
02:07 – Permit Application
03:24 – Physical Preparation
05:20 – Preventing Injury
07:38 – Gear and retaining a pack mild
12:55 – Camera gear, file administration and charging
14:55 – Finances
18:47 – Food!
23:20 – Where to search out the information
24:45 – Overcoming worry on path
27:20 – Getting previous arduous days
29:33 – What I’d do in another way
31:30 – Hygiene and girly chats

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22 thoughts on “How To Plan a Thru-Hike – PCT Logistics, Tips and Tricks”

  1. I don't normally comment but just wanted to say I absolutely love the videos you have put out so far! It's awesome to see such a genuineness in the records of your experiences; your passion for this is contagious. If you ever cross the ditch and hike the TA there will be a warm bed and hot meal waiting for you! See you on the trail.

  2. I would strongly suggest a shake down hike for sure. This shake down hike should be at least one week. During my shake down hike I learned so much. Especially needing my shoes to he one size up. Also I started my hike as a light weight hiker and ended as an UL hiker.
    Less is truly more.

  3. Cool video , I really enjoyed it. I’m going to hike the AT in about 3 months so it getting real . I look forward to your future videos. And Congratulations on finishing such an epic adventure!!

  4. Great job of recapping your experience and tips Courtney! I got lost in Oregon on trail last summer for a mile thinking I was on the wrong trail after crossing a few feeder trails. I was actually on the PCT, but no one was coming SOBO or NOBO, and my Far Out app was not syncing. Panic does set in when you don't know! Thanks for sharing that you also were lost for a a mile! It does happen! Thank God for Far Out, right! Happy Trails and I look forward to more of your adventures. I love both yours and Jack's recaps!

  5. I know a number of thru-hikers that have done the triple crown and more (Dixie, Jennifer Pharr-Davis, etc.). They have lovely books and yet somehow you make it seem more fun. I look forward to hearing about your next thru-hike plans. Because you know you can't do just one… I have an Australian friend hiking Te Araroa right now. A different sort of experience. But easier for you. No visa! Short flight! I'm looking forward to meeting her towards the middle of her hike in February.

  6. Nice to get an international perspective. Future videos around your cold soaking recipes, especially as you resupplied on trail and , a gear video is always welcome. You could focus a gear video on what you started with and key changes to understand what you finished with. While everyone is different it’s great to have more ideas. Thanks for sharing

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