Baby wipes production line wet tissue making equipment

Baby wipes diaper production line wet tissue making machine(30~120pcs/pack) full auto wet wipes packaging folding machine
Product kind:
Baby wipes, costume up wipes, girl wipes, Cleaning wipes,family wipes,kitchen wipes
Baby wipes diaper production line wet tissue making machine(30~120pcs/pack) full auto wet serviette packing machine
Main technical parameter
Production velocity 3500~4200pcs/min
Packing movie OPP/PE, PET/PE ,PET/AL/PE
Raw materials air laid paper, spun-lace nonwoven, scorching rolling non-woven
Folding method “Z” fold; “N” fold
Unfolded measurement of product (135~170)*(170~210) (L*W) (Modifiable)
Folded measurement of product (135~170)*(90-110) (L*W)(Modifiable)
Electronic provide 3-Phase provide, AC380V 50/60Hz
machine measurement: 11200X2450X2200
Production circulation:
Raw materials loading → slitting →vertical folding → tissue wetting → tissue chopping →computerized piling and counting →tissue supply →agency knowledge printing,punching and labeling(synchronization) →tissue packing→full auto lid software→product output
Functions and options:
1.Adopted full servo motor to verify extra stability, accuracy and quicker velocity.
2.Pre-programmed full-auto PLC management system; Frequency velocity controlling
( present all of the packages to purchaser)
3.The size and width adjustable. Suitable for extra kinds of merchandise.
PENGLAI Manufactures Different sorts of packaging machines which could be categorized as beneath:
Penglai Filling Machines:
Penglai Capping Machines:
PenglaI Sealing Machines:
Penglai Labeling Machines:
Penglai Filling Bottling Line:
Penglai Filling Sealing Line:
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Customers reference for locating who in your land purchased the PENGLAI-buillt Machines and What Machines bought;
Nearly Every enterprise transaction is recorded in
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(Notice: Due to the Large quantitiies of Orders positioned by greater than 2000 prospects by the world to this point; As the time goes by the quantity retains growing and boosting We attempt our greatest to refreshing the web page to maintain you posted).
HS code of the machines utilized for packaging trade are listed concerning the customized clearance and importing tax.
HTS # 8422.30.9185 filling /sealing /packing machine (North American market)
84798210 Mixing machine
8422301090 Filling machine
8422303090 Labeling machine
8422309090 Sealing machine
8422400000 Packing machine
8422303090 Capping machine
8479.82.0040 meals Mixing, kneading or stirring machine

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