🟢 House Chores, Toilet, Ironing | Daily English Conversation

0:00 Earning Extra Allowance (run errands, tidy up, mow the garden, rake up)
1:20 Toilet 1 (cupboard, particles of micro organism, flush the bathroom, fish out)
2:32 Toilet 2 (clogged bathroom, flush, plunger)
3:34 Ventilation (foggy, activate the fan, moisture, mould, activate the fan)
4:25 Ironing (wrinkled shirt, iron, dry cleaner, stain, get it sorted)
5:11 Foul Odor (soaking moist, rag)
5:59 Laundry (type by coloration, soiled garments, hamper, washing machine, laundromat)

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