CLOTH DIAPERING IS DIFFERENT TO disposable NAPPIES SO this is a step-by-step video information as to what to anticipate.
After your Baby goes for a poo, the steps are as follows:

1) PREPARE: so get a moist muslin, whether or not you moist it underneath the faucet or use a bottle of water to moisten it or chances are you’ll want to use a Wet Wipe as a substitute – there are many reusable nappy manufacturers that do fleece or microfibre (or a combination materials) moist wipes. Also get the sudo cream or rash cream prepared if you want to in addition to a change of garments.
2) CATCH THE CHILD: as youngsters grow old, particularly toddlers, they’re quite a bit tougher to catch and persuade to vary their nappy. They are too centered on working and climbing. I provide you with mother suggestions as to methods to hold them nonetheless and suggest that you simply be taught to place nappy on while they’re standing. I discover occupying them with a nursery rhyme, a bride like snacks or TV helps.
3) TAKE NAPPY OFF. Put nappy to the aspect once you’ve taken it off however watch out of pets. My canine has on a lot of events sniffed (even eaten) the poo.
4) CLEAN THE BOTTOM. Use the moist muslin you’ve ready. I often want to moist solely half of it in order that one half is used for the recent poo and the dry muslin removes any remaining moisture. Wet wipes might be tremendous gentle on the pores and skin and are additionally an awesome possibility.
5)DRESS. Put the clear nappy on and dress baby in order that they’re free to play or do what they had been doing earlier than the nappy change. If you’re uncomfortable leaving them on their very own, take them with you.
6) SORT THE NAPPY. Put as a lot poo into the bathroom as doable, whether or not it’s scraping with bathroom paper or utilizing the flush as a rinse. Put the biodegradable liners right into a biodegradable canine poo bag. Or put right into a separate outside bin.
7) WASH THE NAPPIES. I put them straight into the washing machine however when Aidan was youthful and the poo was liquid, I’d put it right into a nappy bucket (a nappy bin) that had water in there so it could soak earlier than the wash.
Thanks to the viewer who requested for this video. I hope it helps!

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