Wet Wipes Production Line (Video Catalogue) – SUNY Wet Tissue Machine 2022 NEW

This is a video catalogue of Suny‘s ’moist wipes production line, presenting moist wipes production line with totally different fashions and specs. You can bounce to the desired mannequin of moist wipes production line in line with {the catalogue} and watch the machine operation clip straight.
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***Chapters of the Video:
0:00 Overview & Main Contents
0:13 12 Lanes Wet Wipes machine
0:34 16/20 Lanes Wet Wipes machine
1:07 Carton Box Packaging Line for Wet Wipes
1:34 Stacking machine for Wipes Packaging
1:52 5-30pcs/pack Wet Wipes machine
2:10 1-10pcc/pack Wet Wipes machine
2:25 1-Pack (4-facet Seal) Wet Wipes machine
2:40 1-Pack (Back-Seal) Wet Wipes machine
2:59 Canister Wet Wipes machine
3:16 Soft Cotton Tissue production line

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