(Video Catalog) SUNY Wet Wipes Machine – Wet Tissue Production Line

This is a video catalog for SUNY Wet wipes machine. You can see the operation of our moist wipes machines in several sorts from small-scale line to giant-scale line. If you have an interest on this enterprise, watch the video now and select the best mannequin you need.

Chapters on this Video:
0:00 Main Contents
0:11 12 Lanes Wet Wipes machine (60-120pcs/pack)
0:30 16/20 Lanes Wet Wipes machine (60-120pcs/pack)
1:02 Carton Box Packaging Line for Wet Wipes
1:30 Stacking machine for Wet Wipes Cartons
1:47 5-30pcs/pack Wet Wipes machine
2:07 1-10pcs/pack Wet Wipes machine
2:20 Single pack (4-aspect seal) Wet Wipes machine
2:35 Single pack (again seal) Wet Wipes machine
2:54 Canister Wipes machine
3:12 Soft Cotton Tissue production line

To manufacture moist wipes machine, we’re skilled! If you have an interest, please contact at
Email: helenzhang.suny@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +86 130 1768 7303

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