Can you flush wet wipes? These bamboo wipes are totally toilet safe!

Are flushable Wet Wipes Really flushable?

Toilet paper disintegrates in water because it passes by sewage techniques. However, not all wet wipes will be capable of go by your pipes with out blocking them, and over time, this may result in pipe issues and a hefty invoice. However, you can flush a bamboo Wet Wipe down the toilet straight after use.

Choosing Bim Bam Boo’s examined and trusted flushable materials is an effective way to make sure your wipes keep wholesome and clog-free. You ought to all the time watch out to analysis the model of wet wipes you are utilizing. Some sneaky corporations will label their wipes as ‘flushable’ although they are made utilizing artificial supplies that received’t decompose (a minimum of not for a couple of centuries).

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