The Problem With Wet Wipes – What You Should Flush…

Wet wipes are quite common place in our trendy lives, eradicating make-up, wiping up mess, be it attributable to our little ones, or kitchen and toilet clear up. They are each simple and handy.

Unfortunately, they’re additionally widespread place within the setting. Flushing moist wipes down the bathroom is the largest reason for sewer blockages. When sewers are blocked, waste could make its approach into our waterways and shorelines via storm water overflows.

The overwhelming majority of moist wipes comprise microplastic fibres that don’t biodegrade. This can embrace moist wipes marketed as “flushable“. As you may see on this video, even the “flushable” wipes don’t breakup in the identical approach as rest room paper, and nonetheless pose a danger to our sewer programs till they breakdown.

The neatest thing that we are able to do to keep away from these issues is to solely flush the three ‘P’s, Pee, Poo and Paper. We’re not going to inform you to outright cease utilizing moist wipes, though that might be the most effective plan of action. Instead, get a bin a waste on your toilet, one with a lid, and use that to get rid of your moist wipes.

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