Blood in Stool Causes? Dangerous Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

Is blood in stool harmful and what it is best to do when you have blood in stool?
Find out the hazard of getting blood in the stool.

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Welcome again to Sg dr wellness.
My title is Dr. Chen Yiming.
What are among the causes of blood in stool?
Is it a standard situation? And when do you have to be apprehensive a couple of critical medical difficulty?
Let me share with you among the purple flags you need to be looking for in this video.
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There are many causes of blood in the stool.
Some of the benign causes embrace
1) Passing of laborious stools ensuing in anal fissure
2) Hemorrhoids or piles
Other barely extra critical circumstances embrace
3) an infection of the intestines by viruses or micro organism
4) Inflammation of the colons because of inflammatory bowel ailments like Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis
5) abnormalities of the blood vessels in the rectum and intestines ensuing in them bleeding
6) diverticulosis or diverticulitis ( that are structural outpouching of the intestines with an infection )
And in fact, probably the most feared reason for bleeding in the stool can be
7) most cancers of the rectum or colon

There are another not-so-common causes that I didn’t point out right here. The listing above is non-exhaustive.
Naturally, as a layperson – you’ll be going…
“ Wow, that’s a variety of causes for blood in my stool! “
I hear you, so now I’ll spotlight to you among the accompanying indicators and signs that can level in the direction of a critical difficulty that requires pressing or quick medical consideration.

Firstly, extreme bleeding.
If the bleeding is steady and large with giant quantities of blood filling the bathroom bowl. It is certainly an emergency.
Or in case you are exhibiting indicators of low blood strain because of extreme blood loss like
– giddiness or virtually blacking out episodes
– in case your fingers and toes are pale and chilly
– or in case you are breathless or having the quick coronary heart charge

Secondly, fever.
When you’ve got blood in your stool related to a fever, then the causes might possible be infective or inflammatory, akin to
– viral or micro organism gastroenteritis ( which implies an infection of the intestines )
– inflammatory bowel illness like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis – that are autoimmune in origin.

Thirdly, when you’ve got blood in stool with extreme ache of the stomach or the rectum.
Severe ache often signifies a critical situation akin to an infection, irritation and even rupture of the intestines.

Fourthly, when you have been having small quantities of blood in the stool for a very long time related to weight reduction or lack of urge for food and even change in dimension of your stool, I’d be very involved about most cancers in the colon or rectum.


Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of sufferers presenting with bleeding in stool is often because of piles

Bleeding because of piles are often
– small in quantity
– the blood is often seen on the bathroom paper whenever you clear your rear finish
– the blood is often contemporary
– and virtually at all times happens solely on defecation
– there must be no fever and there must be no belly ache

Having mentioned that, please don’t self-diagnose piles and ignore your signs and indicators.
Do go to your loved ones doctor or colorectal surgeon for a confirmatory prognosis.

To keep away from creating piles, please undertake these few life-style adjustments.
1) Avoid straining throughout toileting
2) keep away from extended sitting on the bathroom bowl
3) guarantee sufficient fruit and veggies and entire grains in your food plan
4) drink loads of plain water: as much as 6-8 glasses a day.
5) train
6) don’t maintain your bowl as it might make the stool tougher and tougher to cross subsequently.

Treatment of piles is relatively simple.
Conservative strategies would come with
1) stool softening drugs in case your movement may be very laborious
2) daflon to cut back venous congestion of the piles
3) minimally invasive strategies like rubber band ligation of piles or injection of chemical to shrink the piles
4) in extreme circumstances – pile removing surgical procedure

Bleeding in your stool is a really quite common downside
Recognize the indicators and signs which require you to hunt quick medical consideration.
Thankfully most of it’s brought on by piles.
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Till the following time, keep secure and keep wholesome.

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