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You requested, so we’re delivering! In right now’s video we’re sharing with you what’s in Melissa’s get-home bag on her motorbike, AND keep tuned to the tip for an illustration on what WYSI Wipes (OR different model referred to as Otter Wipes) are!!!!

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Here are a few of the merchandise in the video. If you prefer to extra details about these things, please tell us in the remark part of the video.

(we aren’t affiliated with any of the producers of those merchandise)

*Compressed Towels (Major model and ones in my bag)
1. WYSI Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes and a couple of Travel Tubes, Just Add Water…


2. (Actual used in video) BigOtters 200PCS Compressed Towels, Coin Tissues Camping Wipes Toilet Paper Tablets Portable Towels for Home Beauty and Outdoors Hiking

Tactical Backpack Medium EDC DayPackMilit…

Medium Molle Backpack dimension: 15.4″x9.8″x5.1″ / 39 * 25 * 13 cm

OTHER Items in the bag (I acquired virtually every little thing from Walmart or Amazon)
*Sawyer Water Filter
*Hat with netting to maintain bugs out
*Change of garments
*Flashlight (4Patriot)
*Nikon Binoculars
*Hand Sanitizer
*Toiletry Items (brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, cleaning soap, towel)
*Tissues and Compressed Towels (Wysi Wipes or Big Otter)
*Sewing Kit
*Zip ties
*Fishing Kit
*Safety Pins, stitching needles
*SOG knife, multi-tool
*handcrank radio
*Fire starter (4-5 choices) equipment
*Tarp and emergency blanket
*Metal cup and spork

WILL ADD: Waterproof notice pad and map. Ranger Beads.

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