How to Fix Water Stains on Ceiling or Wall – Without Painting It! Using Bleach on Water Stains

Stop portray over water stains on ceilings and partitions! There is a fast and straightforward manner to do away with these stains.
This video is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to combine bleach and water to do away with water stains on your ceiling. You ought to by no means paint over a water stain on a ceiling, until you intend to paint the entire ceiling. Painting only a spot will nonetheless depart an apparent mark on your ceiling. Unless you realize the precise coloration and sheen that was used on your ceiling.
This DIY bleach spray repair for water stains solely works on white ceilings. The bleach will lighten every other coloration of paint. So, make certain to defend your partitions, carpet, furnishings, wall artwork, every thing earlier than spraying the water stain with the bleach and water combination.

How to Fix Water Stains on Ceiling or Wall – Without Painting It! How to Use Bleach on Water Stains.

You can see the written steps for this right here:

0:00 How to Fix Water Stains on Ceiling
0:10 Do Not Paint over Water Stains on a Ceiling
0:40 How to Mix the Bleach and Water
1:00 Set the Spray Bottle to Mist
1:25 Fixing the primary Water Stain on our Ceiling
2:15 Water Stains on a Popcorn Ceiling
2:45 Lightly Spray the Water Stain
3:25 ONLY Use Bleach on White Ceilings
4:15 After Just 4 Minutes of Treatment
4:30 Fixing the Ceiling Water Stains within the Next Room
6:00 Sometimes you want 2 or 3 remedies
6:30 Watch Out for Bleach Fumes
7:00 The Water Stains are GONE!

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